Transformer monitoring is a worldwide trend that we have been following and one of our biggest concerns has been the significant concern about it. Adopting IoT technology over Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) communication helps achieve transformer monitoring to predict outages, provide an amount of time to take corrective actions, and protect them. This can be beneficial in reducing the equipment failure rate, protecting them, monitoring energy consumption levels, and providing better safety for the public



The benefits of LPWAN extend to greater productivity and more effective use of resources when linking devices simultaneously. Additionally, costs associated with connecting units over a broad area network are minimized- meaning setup times is shorter and monthly expenses are lowered overall.
LPWAN uses the ISM frequency spectrum to provide a low-power wide area network. The use of this frequency band allows LPWAN systems to be smaller, faster and more reliable than traditional narrowband networks.

LPWAN technology offers a number of benefits, such as low power consumption and long battery life. It also makes it easy to record data for inspection purposes and allows users to access information quickly in the event of any issues with the system. Furthermore, LPWAN notifications will let you know if specific parameters are being exceeded.