A very notable name in UAE and Saudi Arabia, Mr. Saleh Hassan Al-Afaleq, Board Member of Ibdar Bank and Noor Capital, is also the Managing Director of AlKifah Holding Company and its subsidiaries. With immense experience, he leads several ventures like Al-Ahsa Amusement & Tourism Company (AHSANA), where he acts as a Chairman and Vice Chairman at Arbah Capital. Holding a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Seattle University, the U.S., Mr. Saleh Hassan Al-Afaleq is a prominent personality in Saudi Arabia. He is also a Member of the Saudi Majlis Al-Shura (Saudi Parliament) and the Chairman of Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce.



With more than 10 years of experience and expertise in the Financial sector, Mr. Eng Abdulmajed Almeshaal is a Board Member of several Real Estate and Investment Companies. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Missouri, USA, Mr. Eng Abdulmajed Almeshaalhas a firm grip and background in Investment, Hedge Funding, Private Equity, and Real Estate Funding.



With more than 10 years of local and international experience in the finance sector, Mr. Tariq Khalil Badran, the CEO of Al Ain Capital, brings innovative strategies with his tremendous market knowledge and expertise. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the U.S., Mr. Tariq Khalil Badran has served as a General Manager at Abu Dhabi Financial Services and National Bank of Abu Dhabi and Executive Manager at Commercial Bank of Dubai.



Mohammed Ghosheh is the Chief Executive Officer of Noor Capital, with over 30 years of professional experience in Banking and Investment. He has led some of organization's most significant projects, including The Dubai Quality Award, Segregation of the Corporate and Retail Business, CRM Implementation, and the ISO 9001 - 2000. Formerly he worked as a Deputy Manager - Business Group at Commercial Bank of Dubai. Mohammed Ghosheh holds an MBA in Finance from Lincoln University, UK, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Banking & Finance from Yarmouk University, Jordan.



Osama Qadan is the CEO of iWire Global.  Prior to that, he was the founder & CEO of Equinox International, one of the largest technology systems integrators in the Middle East and Africa. Mr. Qadan founded Equinox International in 2005 and spearheaded its growth and expansion in the GCC, Egypt and Africa. He led its strategic and business activities interacting with key clients in the region and technology vendors worldwide. After the acquisition of Equinox by Benya Capital (formerly known as Fiber Misr) in 2018, Mr. Qadan became the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Benya responsible for defining and implementing the commercial strategy of the Group across the MEA region   Prior to founding Equinox International, Mr. Qadan served as a Senior Director at OPNET Technologies (USA), where he led the development and management of several business initiatives in the US and other international arenas.  Prior to that, Mr. Qadan held the position of Network Development Manager at Astrolink International (USA) and the position of Lead Systems Engineer at the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization - Intelsat (USA). Mr. Qadan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology, a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA), and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA).