An end-to-end IoT integrating solution that uses Low Power WAN (LPWAN) Communication can transform the future of any product that needs its temperature monitored during the stages of transmission, storage and display.Especially in an unstable world environment where temperatures can change rapidly, monitoring their temperature has become essential than ever. Our cold chain management system not only monitors the temperature but also tracks locations and fridge capabilities to avoid any degradation or bacterial growth as products are consumed.



LPWAN offers advantages like enhanced efficiency and higher productivity while connecting a variety of devices at once. Additionally, setting up networks over large regions is cost-effective in the long run, saving time on initial setup along with monthly fees.
LPWAN uses the ISM frequency spectrum to provide a low-power wide area network. The use of this frequency band allows LPWAN systems to be smaller, faster and more reliable than traditional narrowband networks.

Besides this, LPWAN also come with reduced power consumption that leads to longer battery life as well as ensuring data logging capacity and immediate alerts when predefined limits are surpassed.